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This package contains a wide range of gladiator themed sprites. 

Both .png and .pyxel files are included

Update 1.2: TopDown - Expansion!

Update 1.3: NEW Gladiator - Tridentfighter


+ 17 animated playercharacters (4 unique)

+ swordfigher, archer, slave, tridentfighter

+ idle, run, walk, climb, jump, fall, cheer, attack, special animations

+ goreparts

» unique NPCs:

+ 5 npcs (LudusTrainer, LudusDoctor, LudusAdmin, SlaveMerchant, LudusPriest) bring life to your ludus

+ complete with animations (idle / activated / special/...)

+ included surroundings

» Effects:

+ different pickup effects (bronze, silver gold, ...)

+ bloodsplatter effect

+ smoke for campfire or torches

» 16x16 Platformer tileset:

+ over 50 tiles to create the level you want

+ different backgrounds with multiple layers

» dangerous traps:

+ range of variable traps

» pickups:

+ food / healthpickups

+ coins / diamonds / key

» other:

+ HP -UI, boxes, vases, cage, torch, campfire,...

» 16x16 TopDown tileset:

+ over 75 tiles to create unique TopDown- levels

+ Usable with Platformer Sprites

For the whole project including prefabs, scenes and scripts take a look at my asset store page


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Buy Now$6.49 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.49 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Pixelart-GladiatorPack_1.3.7z 291 kB

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Can you add more gladiators? Ones with the one armoured sleeve and trident, net, helmet? I bought your pack. https://stock.adobe.com/images/strong-gladiator-with-trident-and-net/193193241?as_campaign=ftmigration2&as_channel=dpcft&as_campclass=brand&as_source=ft_web&as_camptype=acquisition&as_audience=users&as_content=closure_asset-detail-page

Sure, i'll look into it 👍

Any idea when? Cheers!


Awesome. Thanks!